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Simple Japanese Ramen Noodle Recipe Here's How To Make It

Simple Japanese Ramen Noodle Recipe. Ramen Noodles - Is one of the Japanese specialties that is very popular because it tastes good and also everyone can eat it and is no stranger to Instant Noodle type foods.

Besides being delicious, ramen noodles can also be given other foods that are healthy for the body, for example by giving ramen noodles vegetables. then it will add to your own enjoyment.

One of the most popular noodle menus in the community is ramen. You must have heard a lot, right? From five-star restaurants to street food stalls, many sell and peddle this menu.

The combination of noodles and savory broth will immediately warm your stomach and your body. Especially with vegetable toppings and several other types of meat that are combined in it.

Oh yes, you can also be creative by adding other additional spices. Of course, you can make your homemade ramen recipe even tastier. Ready to cook and get creative in your own ramen style?

Many ramen noodles in Indonesia are sold at the nearest supermarket or mall, the price is also affordable. You can make it yourself at home by providing several recipes such as the following recipe:

Japanese Ramen Noodle Recipe

1. Ramen noodle ingredients:

  • 1 pack of dry Ramen / Soba noodles or local noodles if not available.
  • 3  boiled eggs
  • 2 Sausages that have been cut and fried
  • 3 spring onions

2. For the Ramen Sauce:

  • 100 ml Sauce Diluted with 200 ml refrigerator ice water

3. Ramen chips:

  • 100 grams of tempura flour
  • Mix with 160 ml cold water
  • Put the dough into hot cooking oil (Just like making chicken cream)

Simple Japanese Ramen Noodle Recipe

4. Steps to make ramen noodles:

  • First, prepare water with lots of ice in a container.
  • Then heat the water about 1/2 pot.
  • Then Boil the Ramen Noodles for approximately 2 to 3 minutes over medium heat.
  • Then remove and put the ramen noodles into a container filled with ice water.
  • Then leave the Ramen Noodles for about 2 minutes then remove them using a sieve then arrange them on a bowl.
  • Pour the ramen soup that has been diluted first into the bowl of noodles that has been provided. about 1/2 the height of the noodle bowl only.
  • Then decorate the Ramen Noodles with the cream that you made before, namely kremesan and fried sausages as well as eggs and a sprinkling of leeks.
  • Ramen noodles are also ready to be served.

Well ... of course with this recipe you can already learn to make your own simple home ramen noodles.

And don't forget if you are successful and successful in making the ramen noodles, don't forget to share - for friends or neighbors, it's not bad for ramen noodle recipes to sell.

Besides that, it's not only Japan that has ramen noodle recipes, there are also many Japanese ramen noodle recipes, Chinese ramen noodle recipes also exist, so it's possible to try some of the local ramen noodle recipes.

Are these Ramen noodles only in Asia? Of course not .. because in other parts of the world both in Europe such as Russia, America, Turkey, and others there are also ramen noodles because there are already many ramen noodle entrepreneurs who live and live there.

They make a ramen noodle restaurant which is specially served for ramen noodle lovers who want to warm their bodies, what's more, we are both in Europe and the cold weather makes this ramen food very fitting to be enjoyed.

Ok gays who love Rummy, maybe until here our recipe first this time, hopefully useful and good luck. Cao ...